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Call for Submissions


Theme: Identity

Call for Contributors!


We are dedicated to telling stories of the Vietnamese and Filipino diasporas. We are currently looking for journalists, writers, photographers, and visual artists who are passionate about telling people’s stories and uplifting community. 


Articles are expected to be a minimum of 500 words. They must include:  


  • Quotes from, at least, three sources. 

    • If working on a Q&A, sources are not necessary. 

  • Photos and art must be captioned correctly. 

    • Original art must also include the artist's name, title of piece, and medium. 


Unfortunately, we do not accept creative writings such as poetry and fiction. However, pieces of creative nonfiction may be acceptable if approved by one of the editors. 


As a community of contributors and editors, circumstances are constantly evolving. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide compensation at this time. However, we anticipate that this may change.


If you are interested, please reach out to us at with a sample of your work and a pitch for an article or photo essay.

About Chopsticks Alley Pinoy

Established 2018

Our mission is to unite and allow a platform for Filipinx Americans to embrace the Filipino culture and identity as we aspire to empower emerging youths with knowledge and an awareness of the culture. We provide impartial, credible, and important information on diverse topics to promote the Filipino community’s understanding of itself and the larger world’s understanding of what it means to be Filipinx American.


Chopsticks Alley Pinoy was founded in 2018 by Keana Labra and Rachael Egoian as a space to celebrate and learn about Filipino American culture. 



Asela Lee Kemper


Asela holds a BFA in Creative Writing with a minor in Emerging Media & Digital Arts from Southern Oregon University. She holds many positions including poetry reader for Timberline Review (also as a copyeditor for poetry), Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review and Marías at Sampaguitas, contributor for Royal Rose Magazine, and poetry editor for Ayaskala. She has also previously published in SOU Student Press, Flawless Mag: The Border Issue, Silk Club: QUIET, Reclamation Mag, and No Tender Fences. Asela uses her passion for creative writing to open conversations on diversity and identity in literature. As an Asian American, she uses her platform to engage and uplift underrepresented Asian American artists. She resides in Oregon, USA with her family.

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