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Call for Submissions


Theme: Identity



Our names are Giannina and Asela, and we have just been appointed as co-editors of Chopsticks Alley Pinoy. In the spirit of kapwa (roughly translated as “being together”), we are seeking submissions from our fellow Filipinx Americans. 


In particular, we are interested in the notion of identity. What does it mean to be Filipinx American? You might or might not call the islands home. You might easily or uneasily call the United States home. We want to know what it feels, looks, and means to be Pin@y in the States. We want to know the layers of identity and how they intersect with our connection to the Philippines. We want to share the nuances of being in-between and the conflicts of choosing what is lost and losing what you don’t even know. Bring us your stories, long or short, prose or poetry. 


A few guiding questions:

  • How do you accept, perform, and/or deny your Filipinx identity?

  • How does being Filipinx juxtapose your other identities and roles, e.g. LGBTQ+, being a mother, first/second/third generation? 

  • What does the Philippines stand for to you? 

  • How has (de)colonization changed your identity and/or understandings of self? 

  • Are there ways that stereotypes affect your life? 


We are seeking fiction, poetry, and nonfiction submissions to share with our readers. Send submissions or questions/comments/inquiries to pinoychopsticksalley@gmail.com. We cannot offer compensation but will provide feedback on all pieces submitted. Asela has a background in editing and reviewing poetry at various literary magazines including Marías at Sampaguitas with a BFA in Creative Writing. Giannina brings previous experience with reviewing and editing nonfiction at her university literary magazine as well as a B.A. in English. We will be accepting submissions on a rolling basis from July 1-September 31. 

About Chopsticks Alley Pinoy

Established 2018

Our mission is to unite and allow a platform for Filipinx Americans to embrace the Filipino culture and identity as we aspire to empower emerging youths with knowledge and an awareness of the culture. We provide impartial, credible, and important information on diverse topics to promote the Filipino community’s understanding of itself and the larger world’s understanding of what it means to be Filipinx American.


Chopsticks Alley Pinoy was founded in 2018 by Keana Labra and Rachael Egoian as a space to celebrate and learn about Filipino American culture. 

Read the current co-editors letters here:

Meet the Pinoy Team

Giannina Ong - Bay Area, CA

Giannina Ong was born and raised in the Bay Area. A self-proclaimed social justice warrior, she is currently wrapping up her master's in women's and gender studies at University of Toronto, writing a thesis on Asian American mothers. As a Chinese Filipino American, she moves beyond the binaries that lock people into dichotomous thinking. She is a nerd: she loves reading, writing, and being in the classroom. She loves Filipino food, especially sinigang (sarap ng maasim!). She hopes to one day be a professor, sharing knowledge that empowers women and minority groups.


Asela Lee Kemper - Oregon

Asela holds a BFA in Creative Writing with a minor in Emerging Media & Digital Arts from Southern Oregon University. She holds many positions including poetry reader for Timberline Review (also as a copyeditor for poetry), Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review and Marías at Sampaguitas, contributor for Royal Rose Magazine, and poetry editor for Ayaskala. She has also previously published in SOU Student Press, Flawless Mag: The Border Issue, Silk Club: QUIET, Reclamation Mag, and No Tender Fences. Asela uses her passion for creative writing to open conversations on diversity and identity in literature. As an Asian American, she uses her platform to engage and uplift underrepresented Asian American artists. She resides in Oregon, USA with her family.


Amanda Pascual - Vallejo, CA

Amanda is an artist who recently graduated from California State University Sacramento. Through her love of painting and printmaking, Amanda wishes to represent her Filipino American culture through her idea of home. She also wants the diverse Asian American population to be better represented in the art scene.

Art Editor

Rachael Egoian - Pleasant Hill, CA

Rachel is originally from the Bay Area and a graduate from University of California, Santa Cruz in Literature and Education, Rachel has a profound interest in Asian American literature and communities. In addition, she is a recent graduate student at San Francisco State University for the English Literature Master’s program. Coming from a mixed ethnic background as an Armenian, Irish and Filipina, she values the importance of culture and self-identity. Through the foundations of literary criticism, she encourages and stresses the need for diversity in literature.

Former Co-Founding Editor of Chopsticks Alley Pinoy, Contributor

Keana Labra - Milpitas, CA

Keana was born and raised in the Bay Area and has no plans of leaving. She is a student at San Jose State University in English Literature and Animation Illustration. As a Filipino American, she would like to learn more about Filipino literature and history to bring an understanding and awareness to the culture. She is interested in further researching the impact of the feminist movement and how it affects Filipino tradition. She would also like to uplift the Filipino Americans who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community. She hopes to encourage fellow Filipino Americans to participate and immerse themselves in the Filipino culture. Her hobbies include watching anime and reading manga.

Former Co-founding Editor of Chopsticks Alley Pinoy

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Chopsticks Alley seeks to unite and empower Southeast Asian Americans, emphasizing emerging young leaders and cultural trends.

We explore how South East Asian Americans actively influence American culture by providing impartial perspectives and information on diverse topics to identify how this community has historically been defined and how it is being redefined today.



The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of Chopsticks Alley, its principals, editors or members.

Reproduction of the material contained in this publication may be made only with the written permission to the Chief Editor of Chopsticks Alley. 


Send inquiries to chopsticksalley@gmail.com

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