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  • Quyen Ngo

Bring on the Funk: Vietnamese Dipping Fish Sauce

This edited article is from Loa, an independent news website and podcast broadcasting stories about Vietnam, and is republished on Chopsticks Alley as part of a content-sharing agreement.

Featuring our Food Editor, Chef Tu David Phu.

In Vietnamese cuisine, plenty of dishes are superstars in their own right. Phở aside, there’s the fresh and colorful vermicelli noodle salad, light and airy gỏi cuốn or summer rolls, and the fried Vietnamese crepe, bánh xèo. But all these dishes are incomplete without Việt Nam’s number one sidekick: nước mắm chấm. The sauce is splashed all over, ladled on, dipped in--you could even slurp it, it's so good.

Loa’s Kathy Triệu brings us up close and personal with the essential nước chấm

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Quyen Ngo

She is an actor, organizer, and co-editor for Loa, a podcast focused on amplifying stories from and about Vietnam. She aims to provide perspectives that lie at the intersection of social justice, media, and performing arts. She was formerly an AT&T New Media Fellow at Brown University. During her time as an Urban Program Director for a commercial radio station in Southern New England, she DJed Soul and Funk music and reported on issues impacting local communities of color.

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