Chopsticks Alley seeks to unite and empower Southeast Asian Americans with a special emphasis on emerging young leaders and cultural trends.


We provide impartial, credible and important information on diverse topics to promote our community’s understanding of itself.

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Chopsticks Alley seeks to unite and empower Vietnamese Americans with a special emphasis on emerging young leaders and cultural trends.


We provide impartial, credible and important information on diverse topics to promote the Vietnamese community’s understanding of itself and the larger world’s understanding of what it means to be Vietnamese American in the 21st century.

Trami Nguyen Cron - San Jose, CA

Trami is the founder of Chopsticks Alley and author of VietnamEazy, a novel about Mothers, Daughters and Food.  She is passionate about the emergence of the VietNow culture in America.  As a Vietnamese-American, she created Chopsticks Alley as a platform for the younger Vietnamese generation to have a space to express their point of views about news, business, art, food, and culture.  She hopes this platform will also help to unite the Vietnamese Community all over the world.

Founder, Chief Editor

Danh Truong - San Jose, CA

Danh is a team member of EQ1 Real Estate and a Realtor practicing in the Greater Bay Area. He has been a personal finance student for the last 10 years. As a Coach for United Way Silicon Valley Credit Coaching program, he trained and educated low-income clients to improve their credit reports and scores. He helped them with budgeting and improving their finances.  He is passionate about helping Vietnamese-American students manage their personal finance.

Editor - Money

Steven R. Campbell - Rohnert Park, CA

Mr. Campbell is an award-winning author, speaker and mentor to individuals and organizations. Known as “the Brain Whisperer,” he teaches how your mind can be your greatest adversary and, when understood, can be transformed into your greatest friend and ally.  He wants to help shift the mindset of Chopsticks Alley readers. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Zoology from San Diego State University and a Masters in Information Systems from the University of San Francisco and has been exploring and teaching the discoveries of cognitive psychology in various universities and colleges for over 25 years.


Liza Nguyễn Chu - Stockton, CA

Liza is a Vietnamese-American political junkie, world citizen, and daugther. Born and grazed in Stockton, CA, the migratory hub of many Southeast Asian families, she has developed a passion for addressing the major social justice issues of our time: income inequality and building healthy pipelines for underserved communities, all while preserving the beautiful earth that we inherited. In her free time, Liza runs a quirky blog and can be found weekending in San Jose to find the best phở gà in town. Or bánh canh. Or ốc len xào dừa. A graduate of UC Davis, she happily reports political news to Chopsticks Alley straight from the State Capitol, where she works as a legislative aide.

Editor - Politics

David Hargrove - San Jose, CA

David is a student majoring in Art pursuing a degree in Computer Arts and Animation. Contributing his art skills to Chopsticks Alley, he hopes to further the goal of uniting the Vietnamese community.


Jullianne Pham - San Jose, CA

With her driving passion of health sciences, Jullianne aims to provide service, research, and education towards Asian-American communities in order to close the gap of health disparities that people of color face. She has worked alongside physicians and surgeons in the San Joaquin County as a Decision Medicine Intern, and has worked closely with the Vietnamese-American community in the Bay Area to raise awareness about unspoken diseases as a Community Health Outreach Intern at the Asian Liver Center of Stanford University. As an aspiring Physician Assistant with a concentrated service within the Asian-American community, Jullianne hopes to discuss and expose the unspoken diseases and health issues that do not create dialogue within the Vietnamese household and community.


Rachel Egoian - Pleasant Hill, CA

Originally from the Bay Area and a recent graduate from University of California, Santa Cruz in Literature and Education, Rachel has a profound interest in Asian American literature and communities. Coming from a mixed ethnic background as an Armenian, Irish and Filipina, she values the importance of culture and self-identity. Through the foundations of literary criticism, she encourages and stresses the need for diversity in literature.


Carolyn Lê - San Jose, CA

A craftsmen, an activist, and a critic, Carolyn is a San José native who studied Literature at University of California Santa Cruz. She has a deep appreciation for Vietnamese American literature and the Vietnamese American community. Driven by her educational background in literary criticism, she seeks to empower those who are historically marginalized, underrepresented, and under-served through storytelling and social justice organizing. Her hobbies include woodworking, cuddling with her furry four-legged children, and watching films with kickass women.


Anthony Nguyen - San Jose, CA

A San Jose Native and a recent graduate from San Jose State in Journalism.  Though Anthony doesn’t speak Vietnamese, he wants to learn more about the Vietnamese culture and poetry.  He strongly believes contributing to Chopsticks Alley will help him learn more about his Vietnamese roots.


Keana Labra - Milpitas, CA

Keana is a student at San Jose State University majoring in English Literature and Animation Illustration. She would like to one day integrate her two loves in the form of visual storytelling. She is an avid reader and enjoys studying poetry, mythologies, and philosophical treatises.  In her free time, she can be found reading comics, taking pictures, or watching movies. As an Asian American, she would like to shed light on feminist works in the Asian community.


Jackie Huynh - San Jose, CA

Jackie is a student at San Jose State University majoring in Business. He has a passion for photography and film photography. He likes to capture everyday images to create tangible memories from his Vietnamese American perspective.


Jennifer Tran - San Jose

Jennifer has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of California, Riverside. Her passion for studying trends, analytics, and the arts drive her to discover the ‘why’ behind various aspects of the changing Vietnamese-American demographic. She likes to spend time with her cat, eating at new local restaurants, and reading adventure novels. 


Thomas Vo - San Jose, CA

A resident of the Bay Area since 1979, Thomas has been in the real estate industry for 20 years. He plans to share his in-depth knowledge of the market and his belief in ethical business practices.


Hoang Truong - San Jose, CA

Hoang is passionate about Videography and photography. He hopes the images he captures warms and unites the Vietnamese Community.

Photographer/Videographer/Video Editor

Quyen Ngo - Los Angeles, CA

Quyen is an actor, organizer, and co-editor for Loa, a podcast focused on amplifying stories from and about Vietnam. She aims to provide perspectives that lie at the intersection of social justice, media, and performing arts. She was formerly an AT&T New Media Fellow at Brown University. During her time as an Urban Program Director for a commercial radio station in Southern New England, she DJed Soul and Funk music and reported on issues impacting local communities of color.


Tu David Phu - Oakland, CA

Chef Tu's resume reflects a reverence for American culinary greats, skilled in classical European traditions. His stints include the nation’s top Michelin-rated restaurants: Chez Panisse, Quince, Acquerello, Daniel Boulud, Breslin, Gotham Bar & Grill and Gramercy Tavern. Most recently, Chef Tu was Executive Chef of Gather in Berkeley.  He would like the opportunity to introduce to diners regional Vietnamese flavor profiles. Vietnamese food is so much more than Banh-mi, Pho and Spring Rolls.


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