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August 22, 2019

Episode: 9

Hosts: Jennifer Tran and Trami Cron

Produced by: Chopsticks Alley

Sponsor: Thomas Vo Farmers Agency

Welcome to Chopsticks Alley's History, Myths, and Legends Podcast Series. In this episode, we explore a classic Vietnamese tale. If you grew up in a Vietnam the...

June 20, 2019

Chopsticks Alley Podcast Episode 8:

An Interview With Spoken Word Poet Kristina Robertson

Hosts: Jennifer Tran & Trami Cron

Sponsor: Thomas Vo Farmers Agency

Producer: Chopsticks Alley
Guest: Kristina Robertson
Edited by: Jennifer Tran

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April 10, 2018

Chopsticks Alley Podcast Episode 7:

A discussion with author Lily Hoang about identity and gender roles in Hoang's book, A Bestiary.

Host: Rachel Egoian

Sponsor: Work2Furture
Guest: Lily Hoang
Edited by: Carolyn Le

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September 10, 2017

Chopsticks Alley Podcast Episode 6

Last Night I Dreamed of Bac Ho, Evil Commie or Gentle Bac Ho? Ho Chi Minh - Part 2

Sponsor: Dr. Jerrold Hiura
Guest: Dr. Peter Zinoman
Hosts: Carolyn Lê & Trami Cron

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We’re back again with Dr. Peter Zinoman to conti...

August 16, 2017

Chopsticks Alley Podcast Episode 5

Who Was Ho Chi Minh? Part I: The Rise of Ho Chi Minh

Sponsor: Dr. Jerrold Hiura
Guests: Dr. Peter Zinoman
Hosts: Carolyn Lê & Trami Cron

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What kind of person was Hồ Chí Minh?

Though we know exploring this topic may...

July 15, 2017

Episode: 4

Topic: Traveling to Vietnam, What Changed between 1997 and now from a Euro American perspective and Vietnamese American perspective?

Sponsor: Q Essentials Realty

250 Meridian Ave

San Jose, CA 95126

Host: Trami Cron, Author o...

June 9, 2017

Episode: 3

Topic: History, Myths and Legends Podcast Series: Revenge, Human Rights, Justice & Freedom! Việt Nam's Beloved Heroines, Hai Bà Trưng

Sponsor: work2futurework

www.work2futurefoundation1.org or give them a call at 408.794.1234

Work2future provides free training a...

May 20, 2017

Episode: 2

Topic: French Rats in Hà Nội: The Effects of French Colonial Rule in Việt Nam

Sponsor: Thomas Vo, Real Estate Broker

250 Meridian Ave

San Jose, CA 95126

Host: Carolyn Lê, Literature Editor of Chopsticks Alley Publication

May 3, 2017

Episode: 1

Topic: An Incomplete History: Inheriting the Generational Trauma of the Vietnam War

Sponsored by:  www.Work2future1.org

Host:  Trami Cron

Guests:  Ngọc Như Thi Chung & Thùy Linh Lê

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"To understand one's self and others, we need to understa...

May 1, 2017

This edited article is from Loa, an independent news website and podcast broadcasting stories about Vietnam, and is republished on Chopsticks Alley as part of a content-sharing agreement.

By Giang Nguyễn

Published November 2, 2015;

Clicke Here to Listen: Episode 28


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