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Chopsticks Alley's First Podcast - An Incomplete History: Inheriting the Generational Trauma o

Episode: 1

Topic: An Incomplete History: Inheriting the Generational Trauma of the Vietnam War

Sponsored by: www.Work2future1.org

Host: Trami Cron

Guests: Ngọc Như Thi Chung & Thùy Linh Lê

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"To understand one's self and others, we need to understand our own histories and how we have come to be what we are." - Prue Chamberlayne

In this episode we discuss how the Việt Nam War affects the 1.5 and 2nd generation of Vietnamese Americans.

The term first-generation refers to the children of immigrants born in the new country. The term second-generation refers to children of first-generation, the grandchildren of the immigrant. The term 1.5 generation is a term coined for people who identify as "first generation", yet lack the necessary acculturation.

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