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Chopsticks Alley Podcast French Rats in Hanoi: The Effects of French Colonial Rule in Vietnam

Episode: 2

Topic: French Rats in Hà Nội: The Effects of French Colonial Rule in Việt Nam

Sponsor: Thomas Vo, Real Estate Broker 408-505-6278 250 Meridian Ave

San Jose, CA 95126

Host: Carolyn Lê, Literature Editor of Chopsticks Alley Publication Guest: Dr. Michael Vann, Historian of French colonial empire

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Did Việt Nam as a country truly benefit from France's rule? Or are these simply stories of a romanticized past?

In this episode, we discuss Việt Nam's history under French colonial rule and ask questions that many Vietnamese and Vietnamese Americans don't always think about. To help make sense of what Việt Nam was like during this time, we invited Dr. Michael Vann, a historian of the French colonial empire, specifically in Việt Nam.

He's sharing some interesting stories, especially the bloodbath between rats, the French, and the Vietnamese.

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