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DIY Holiday Gift: 5-Minute Wooden Serving Tray

Handmade gifts are so thoughtful and meaningful. It's so fun and rewarding to craft something with your own hands. This DIY wooden serving tray is quick and makes a truly thoughtful gift. It only takes 5 minutes to make!

Watch my live demo in Chopsticks Alley Talk Live - Episode 10 (Fast forward video to 3:10)

Here are the materials you'll need. Everything can be found at your local hardware store. I included links to ease your holiday shopping experience. To shop even faster, select your home store and the product page will tell you exactly where to find it. Alternatively, buy it all online and pick it up in store!

Wooden Board- ask an associate to cut it in half

Cabinet Pulls x2

Sliding Door Bumpers- I purchased these rubber bumpers like these on clearance at my local Lowes. I could no longer find them on the website but found them on Amazon.


Adhesive Bumpers- from Lowes



Drill (and phillips drive, 5/32 drill bit, 1/8 drill bit)


Sanding Sponge 220 Grit


Take your wood board and have your local hardware store cut it in half for you. The first cut is usually free! I cut mine at home with a miter saw.

Now, you’ll have two wood pieces that are 12in x 18in. So you can make one to gift and keep the other for yourself. (;

If you want to have a finish your board to keep it resistant to spills, you may sand it and spray it with a light clear coat before marking up your board. Alternatively, you can use wood cutting board oil if you have some on hand. Sanding may not be necessary if you choose a board that is smooth. Wait until the finish dries before marking and drilling. Drying time could be anywhere from 15 - 30 minutes depending on how saturated your clear coat is and the environment it's in.

1. Mark the areas where you’ll want your two cabinet pulls on the right side (the side that people will see) of the board. I put mine ~1cm away from the edges. Use a 5/32 drill bit and drill all the way through.

2. Flip your board over to the wrong side (underneath the board, the side where no one will see). On each edge of the board, screw just one screw all the way. Screw your second one until it’s flush with the right side of the board. Twirl in one part of your cabinet pull like this:

2.5. Then use your drill to screw in the last part. Repeat on the other edge.

3. Now attach your bumpers. Use a 1/8 drill bit if your bumpers come with screws but pre-drill the holes halfway into your board. Stick it on if they are adhesive bumpers. When using adhesive bumpers, make sure your cabinet pull screws are countersink—that is to screw it in until the screws are flush with the board so that they don’t stick out past your adhesive bumpers.

You're done!

Personalize your gift by using whatever cabinet pulls you like and make it extra special by creating a themed tray for a tea lover, a coffee lover, cocktail lover, or someone who has a green thumb. Keep the second one for yourself and use it as a centerpiece. Switch our the decorations for different holidays and seasons!

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Carolyn Lê


A San José native and a recent graduate from University of Santa Cruz with honors in Literature, Carolyn has a deep appreciation for Vietnamese American literature and the Vietnamese American community. She is excited to be a part of an organization such as Chopsticks Alley, one that celebrates Vietnamese American culture and encourages positive self-identification. Driven by her educational background in literary criticism, she seeks to empower those who are historically marginalized, underrepresented, and underserved through literature and writing. She is also a dog-lover and has been a professional Dog Training Instructor for over 7 years!

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