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  • Rei Pham

All About College! Tips, Advice and Frequently Asked Questions

As a tour guide at my university, I currently work for the Office of Admissions. On my tours, I find that I get quite a bit of questions and realized that you may have the same questions as well. Hopefully, this video will help you debunk the mysterious “College Life” that everyone keeps talking about. Make sure to subscribe to get more college-related videos in the near future!

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Rei Pham


Rei is a Psychology student at the University of California, Merced. As a Vietnamese immigrant, she understands the challenge of balancing both Vietnamese and American cultures. She is passionate about equality for minorities and wants to introduce the world of possibilities for first generation Vietnamese-Americans. Rei hopes to inspire the youth by sharing her stories in obtaining higher education and the resources available for them to achieve their own success.

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