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Chopsticks Alley Talk Live Episode 19: Mental Health of Asian Americans - Covid 19

Join Chopsticks Alley Art Talk as we discuss mental health issues facing Asian American families during Shelter in Place and Covid-19. Guest Speaker: Duy Pham, Licensed Clinical Social Worker with AACI. You will be able to watch the show in the following ways: Live on Comcast Channel 30 (The Outlet) Live on CreaTV's website

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Laslo Keller
Laslo Keller
Nov 24, 2023

Mental health is very important. Unfortunately, the mental health of many has suffered greatly during the covid-19 pandemic. And some people even developed other diseases after covid-19. For example, a friend of mine started having problems with erectile dysfunction, so he is undergoing treatment at the gainswave clinic. Also, my friend started having heart problems after he contracted covid-19.

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