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British Pound Down? It's Time to Travel

Yesterday was a historical day for Britain as it decides to leave the European Nation. This was a decision that affected their currency in a significant way. The British pound is down by 9% compared to Wednesday, June 22, 2016.

We see this as a window of opportunity to buy airfare to Europe at a discount.

Here's a tip to save you some money.

Let’s say you want to travel to London for Christmas.

Airfares for round-trip tickets from San Francisco to London is $869 on non-stop flights.

When booking online, choose the British pound as your currency to pay for the tickets. After the conversion, you will only pay $791, a savings of $78.


1. Remember to pay with a credit card that will not charge you a foreign transaction fee.

2. You can apply these same tactics any time you see a drop in any currency exchange rates. Happy Friday and happy travels! Follow Chopsticks Alley on social media for more Money Savings Tips like this.

Danh Truong CAL BRE#01951829 Realtor at EQ1 Real Estate

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