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Get Your Best Car Rental the Smart Way

So you want to rent a car for your next trip. Where do you start?

Most travel websites will require a payment up front when you book a reservation. The following resources do not.

Autoslash is a website which does all the work for you.

  • They will find the best coupon code and look for the best rate for you.

  • They will monitor and rebook the lower rate if it becomes available.

  • They can search multiple vendors.

First, you can search directly on Autoslash. Enter your criteria like you normally would at other car rental sites such as location, date, and time. Then enter your name and email. They will not give you the results right away. However, you will receive an email from them in a couple hours to show the results they've found for you.

If you decide to book using one of their results, click on the link provided in the email. Here is the best part, after you've completed the booking, they will continue to monitor the rate for you. If a lower rate becomes available, they will rebook it on your behalf. If you think you want to wait for a better rate, you can do so as well.

In both cases, you do not have to pay up front. You will only have to pay at the counter when you pick up your car.

Costco Travel requires a membership to book. This is a second resource that I use. Using the website is similar to any other travel website. I often find Costco's rate is about 10%-30% cheaper as compared to other sites. You do not have to pay up front with Costco Travel either.

Danh's Tips: If you want to book a 5-day car rental, try to search for one week instead. Car rental companies offer better coupon codes/discounts to weekly rental as compared to shorter periods. Try it! You may get a better rate.

Let me know if you have any questions and subscribe to Chopsticks Alley for my next article on how to save on car rental insurance fees.

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Danh Truong CAL BRE#01951829 Realtor at EQ1 Real Estate

Danh is a team member of EQ1 Real Estate and a Realtor practicing in the Greater Bay Area. He has been a personal finance student for the last 10 years. As a Coach for United Way Silicon Valley Credit Coaching program, he trained and educated low-income clients to improve their credit reports and scores. He helped them with budgeting and improving their finances. He is passionate about helping Vietnamese-American students manage their personal finance.

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