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Ways to Save Money in College

We all know it; college costs A LOT of money!

Even with Financial Aid (which you should definitely apply for) saving a little bit more money wouldn’t hurt either. With our busy schedules, sometimes buying groceries to cook isn’t the most convenient way to go. Here are some ways to save money in college so you can have peace of mind knowing you have a little bit extra for a rainy day.


The Honey app extension for Chrome users has to be my proudest discovery. This app is not only completely free; it finds coupon codes for you to maximize your savings before checking out online. That’s basically free money going right back to your bank account! Instead of going on Google, looking from sites to sites for a coupon code that might have expired, Honey saves you time and money with just a click away. Not only that, you can even earn cash bonus on the things you are going to buy anyway… Sounds like a sweet deal to me! Add Honey to your Chrome here.


Students can get two-day shipping FREE for 6 months with a valid .edu email address. That means books, lab coats, and googles can arrive in time for you to not fall behind in school. Not to mention last minute Christmas shopping… Your gifts will arrive on time and no one has you know you ordered it just 2 days before. When your 6 month trial is over, you can get Amazon Prime for half off. It’s amazing! Get 6 months of FREE two-day shipping here.


If I could fall in love with a music app, this would be it. Music is essential is college, especially when you’re just not in the mood to walk up the hill from your parking spot to your class. Think of Spotify as the good old iTunes and Pandora. It’s a music app, but what’s the difference? It’s FREE! Without Premium, you can still enjoy free music with an internet connection. I’m telling you, they even have Vietnamese music on here… The music selection is huge! Every couple of songs, they will play one or two 30 seconds advertisement. If you really don’t want the ads and would like to listen to music offline without an internet connection and get unlimited skips, student can subscribe to Spotify Premium for half off. That’s $5 to pure happiness. Trust me on this, it’s the best $5 you’ll ever spend in your life. Get Spotify here.

There are definitely more ways to save money in college, these are just a few of my personal favorites. Click here for another website with additional savings for college students:

I hope this article helps you keep a little extra in your pockets this academic year. As usual, stay tuned for more college-related articles coming your way!

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Rei Pham


Rei is a Psychology student at the University of California, Merced. As a Vietnamese immigrant, she understands the challenge of balancing both Vietnamese and American cultures. She is passionate about equality for minorities and wants to introduce the world of possibilities for first generation Vietnamese-Americans. Rei hopes to inspire the youth by sharing her stories in obtaining higher education and the resources available for them to achieve their own success.

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