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  • Nathalie De Los Santos

AAPI Feature: Jordan Andino

When I watch Jordan Andino, I feel like Filipinos are capable of doing anything in the world. Celebrity chef, influencer, TV personality, and rated the world’s sexiest chef by People’s Magazine—Andino is hoping to become the first Filipino Michelin Star Chef.

Born in Toronto, Andino started his culinary career cooking with his father when he was nine years old. He began his formal training attending Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration and worked in fine dining kitchens such as The French Laundry, Spago, and Jean Georges.

Notably, he opened Flip Sigi (which translates to “Go Filipino”). Blending traditional Filipino cuisine with French techniques, Andino says that purists will probably not be fans of his food. But with Flip Sigi’s taqueria-format, you’ll find yourself drooling over fusion dishes like the Adobo-rito which is made with adobo chicken, garlic fried rice, tomatoes and shredded greens. His Sinigang Flip Bowl is similar to a bibimbap bowl that you can get with short rib or jackfruit if you’re vegetarian.

I was first introduced to Andino’s work on the YouTube channel Tastemade where he reimagined a crunchwrap supreme from Taco Bell. I love fast food and his homemade recipe is simple and looks way more hearty and delicious than the late-nite mess you get at Taco Bell. I clicked with his sense of humour as he elevated the lowly crunchwrap and was inspired to up my Taco Tuesday game at home.

He also hosted Late Night Eats on Food Network and you can catch him on Jr. Chef Showdown on Food Network Canada. He has countless other appearances on popular shows such as Chopped, Rachel Ray, and The Today Show.

What is there not to love about Andino? He loves to surf, skate, box, and will cook up a bone-in Tomahawk ribeye to impress a first date. Andino humbly describes being sexy as being confident no matter how you look, and his own confidence and love of life is his real tour-de-force. Seeing Andino be unapologetically charismatic and ambitious is uplifting, especially when historically Asian men have been portrayed often as desexualized and effeminate in the media. Watching a shirtless Andino lip sync to Peaches by Justin Bieber while holding his corgi is a cure to my doom scrolling these days.

When I lean into Andino’s positivity and aspirational food posts, it is a moment to talk about something other than the anti-Asian violence in our community. Seeing him succeed lifts our voices and allows us to celebrate instead. You can take cooking classes with him online or follow him on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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Nathalie De Los Santos

Chopsticks Alley Pinoy Contributor

Nathalie De Los Santos is digital designer and videographer based in Vancouver BC. She is the founder of PilipinxPages, a bookstagram of Filipino book recommendations. Her work appears in Marias at Sampaguitas, Ricepaper Magazine, Gastrofork, and The Vancouver Observer. She has read as an author at the LiterAsian Festival, BIPOC Writing Community Reading Party, Freedom (W)rites: 8 Filipino Authors, and Sampaguita Perspectives: A Celebration of Filipino-Canadian Writers. She writes SFF and has completed three novels.

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