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Artist and Designer Tuan Tran - "Mẹ Earth: Past, Present, Future" Recycled Art Exhibition

Photo by Andreas Zhou
Tuan Tran

Tuan Tran is an artist and fashion designer born in Nha Trang, Vietnam. He immigrated to the United States in 1975 at 13 and resided in San Jose, CA. After graduating from San Jose State University, Tran moved to San Francisco, where he lived for 30 years and had a successful real estate career before moving to his current home in Santa Rosa, CA.

Tran taught himself fashion design and has been pursuing it since 2011. He said creating beautiful art, and stunning fashion is his passion. "Art and fashion reflect life," Tuan said. "The colorful threads, cloths, wires, and ribbons are my palettes. Recycled materials are my fashion, design, and art ethos." (Photo credit: Andreas Zhou)

Tran's work feature colors and textures in the materials, threads, and wires. His line of hand-painted women's dresses and men's jackets and suits and sculptures are described as "innovative and stunning."

I hope to bring fun, enjoyment, and thought into my pieces," Tran said. "Each piece's subject matter, materials, and theme vary significantly, reflecting my life, beliefs, and me! My cultural heritage is reflected in my weaving pieces, which are much akin to weaving fishing baskets made by Vietnamese people. The natural materials I used and the technique of tearing off old clothes and creating them into new dresses is also common practice in my homeland."

Photo Credit Lien DeLong

Tuan Tran's garments have drawn national and international attention. He has been a featured designer in numerous fashion and art shows such as Mélange, Autodesk Design Night, TVOT -T.V. of Tomorrow, Chic Metropolitan, and S.F. Sustainable Fashion International.

Tran's artworks can be viewed in Chopsticks Alley Art's upcoming "Mẹ Earth: Past, Present, Future" exhibition opening Friday, March 3, 2023, at the art gallery at Open San Jose, a new art, cultural, and civic center in downtown San Jose. The exhibit will be open until May 21, 2023.


38 S. 2nd Street, San Jose, CA 95113

Hours: Saturdays and Sundays

12 - 4 pm

Learn more about Tuan Tran's artwork by following him on Facebook and Instagram @tuantsf or emailing him at

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Linh is a freshman at De Anza College pursuing journalism. She is dedicated to amplifying minority voices and using her influence to create social change. Linh believes "Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success." Besides journalism, she has experience in graphic design and cinematography, and she is willing to learn more about political science and human rights. In joining Chopsticks Alley, Linh hopes to contribute to raising awareness of Southeast Asian art and taking pride in her heritage as a Vietnamese immigrant.

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