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Bretman Rock

Image source: Screenshot from YouTube video / BuzzFeed

Known for his ear-piercing screeches accompanied with bold make-up looks, Bretman Rock Sacayanan (professionally known as just Bretman Rock) is a queer Filipino-American make-up artist, beauty influencer, and internet sensation. Although Bretman originally started as a comedian on YouTube and Vine, his 8.42 million YouTube subscribers now follow him for his vlogs that usually include his internet-celebrity sister Princess Mae, with the occasional beauty influencer collaboration videos.

Bretman is flamboyant and unique, and I’m not saying that just because he’s a Leo. He knows how to keep his audience engaged with a wide variety of content on his YouTube and Instagram. When he’s not showing off his stunning make-up looks, he is making mukbang videos with his family, creating easy workout routines to follow, or slaying at New York Fashion Week. Bretman has been acknowledged for his excellent branding and advertising by Forbes’ “30 Under 30 Asia: Media, Marketing, and Advertising” in 2018.

Image source: Wet ‘n’ Wild

However, Bretman is not just recognized for his successful YouTuber and influencer career. He is widely known for his success in the beauty industry, and currently has a collection with celebrated make-up brands Morphe, Wet ‘n’ Wild, and previously with ColourPop. The make-up products featured in his collections are always inspired by his tropical roots from the Philippines and his current residence in Hawaii. His looks are a reflection of his personality: dramatic, flashy, and daring.

Despite his lively persona, he keeps it 100% real with his fans, even when the high energy isn’t all there. In his show with MTV, he occasionally opens up about his family trauma and mental health. His vulnerability often intersects with his Filipino roots, which is proudly presented in most of his videos. In a world where speaking about our feelings is somewhat taboo, Bretman is a brave soul that can be authentic with his fans, while keeping more personal things private.

If there is someone that can do it all while being the most hilarious person ever, it would definitely be Bretman Rock. He is an amazing make-up artist, an entertaining personality, and a genuine spirit—all at the same time!

To keep up with Bretman, check out his Instagram @bretmanrock and his YouTube channel, a channel for the baddest.

Image source: YouTube channel

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Ashley Hin

Chopsticks Alley Intern

Ashley is a landscape architecture student and freelance illustrator based in the Bay Area. She hopes to explore more about her own Southeast Asian culture, and also encourages others to do the same. Ashley believes that creativity and culture go hand in hand. When she is not working on her creative projects, she enjoys swimming, gardening, and baking.


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